Becoming a Board director

Are you board ready? Board positions are increasingly being taken up by working executives, women and young people  as organisations recognise the importance of diversity to organisational performance and effective governance. A high-performing board helps explore ideas and options, and improves the quality of the questions raised at the boardroom table, avoiding ‘group-think’. Indicators of diversity include gender, age, race, ethnic background and nationality. Diversity can also relate to socio-economic experience, professional experience and skills.

The Victorian Government is working to increase the representation of target groups, for example, women, young people, Aboriginal people, and candidates from a range of backgrounds including multicultural backgrounds, people with disabilities and people from rural and regional Victoria.

Women on Boards

Promoting the full participation of women on Boards brings diversity in skills and perspectives, and strengthens the Victorian economy and the broader community. Victoria strives to have public sector Boards that are highly effective and reflective of our diverse community.

People with disability on Victorian public sector boards

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing the diversity of its boards. We know that there are experienced board members with disability who have much to contribute to policy and decision-making through our boards and committees. While one in five Victorians identify as having a disability, it is estimated that less than 1 per cent of people serving on Victorian public sector boards identify as having disability. This needs to change.

Commencing in May 2008 the people with disability on Victorian public sector boards initiative was delivered by the Victorian Government in partnership with Leadership Victoria, the Disability Leadership Institute and the Self Advocacy Resource Unit’s Voice at the Table initiative. Activities included:

  • a range of professional development opportunities for people with disability to assist in applying for and sustaining public sector board appointments
  • professional development training on inclusive recruitment practices and running inclusive meetings for board secretariat staff within departments and members of Victorian public sector boards and committees
  • Victorian board vacancies were advertised on the National Register of Disability Leaders.

Resources were developed and support was provided to departments regarding inclusive advertising and recruitment.The initiative will continue into 2019-20, with a focus on maintaining momentum, influencing broader systems and embedding the inclusion of people with disability into the core business of Victorian public sector boards and committees.  Free and unlimited board member searches are also offered for Victorian Government agencies through the National Register of Disability Leaders until end June 2020.

The attached information sheets provide further details about opportunities available through the initiative.


For further information or to participate in the initiative contact the Office for Disability by phoning 1300 880 043 or emailing the Office for Disability.

Additionally people with disability are encouraged to register to receive updates on board vacancies through Get on Board. You can register an account with get on board and set up a ‘my vacancy alerts’.